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Our Work

We do more than just write copy. Whether you're advocating for the planet, safeguarding children, or strengthening your community, we are here to assist you in maximizing your impact. Take a look at some of our latest work.

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Walk 'n' Wheels Awareness Campaign

content strategy, branding, graphic design- ad slick

Every year, a multitude of individuals in communities across the country come together, uniting their efforts to generate funds for the "Finding the Cures, Together" Research Program initiated by the LGS Foundation. This crucial program fuels groundbreaking research, paving the way for innovative therapies and treatments that bring hope to those affected by LGS. 

Stepping Toward a Cure Campaign

content strategy, graphic design - infographic

This project holds deep personal significance for me because my daughter is one of the children affected by the rare LGS diagnosis. Being part of the Unlocking Cures for LGS: Stepping Toward a Cure campaign has allowed me to create a powerful infographic, raising awareness about this debilitating disease and highlighting the urgent need for a cure.

While the journey to find cures for LGS is ongoing, we strongly believe that our combined efforts can have a significant impact. With unwavering determination, the LGS Foundation has launched its groundbreaking initiative, the Finding the Cures, Together Research Program. Through this program, we aim to actively contribute to this important cause by fostering collaboration and driving progress towards finding effective treatments for LGS.

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Father's Day Appreciation

Video production & editing
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Charity Art Auction

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Cures of Colors mission is to bridge the divide between childhood imagination and real-life experiences by creating age-appropriate narratives that spark meaningful conversations about social and emotional issues in our society. Through the medium of coloring books, they engage readers in interactive storytelling that explores diverse perspectives and fosters empathy. 

Branding campaign

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Coins For College is an innovative startup edtech program that advocates for micro-investments to support students in funding their college education. Through aggregating small donations, the program generates substantial funds to assist deserving students in covering tuition and other expenses.

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Convention Breakout Session

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Coins for College, a pioneering edtech startup, seized the opportunity to showcase their groundbreaking concept at a national educational technology conference. With the aim of captivating educators and garnering their attendance, the company sought a compelling means to introduce their trailblazing idea to a wide audience.

Rewarding Teachers Campaign

content strategy, graphic design - conference handout

Coins For College seized a valuable opportunity to connect with hundreds of teachers at a prominent national educational technology conference. With a limited time frame, they sought an impactful method to convey the advantages of their teacher rewards program while ensuring educators could easily access relevant information to take with them.

CFC Teacher Rewards.png
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Web Content

Content strategy - About Me

Teri is a seasoned professional in finance, boasting over 25 years of experience as a Financial Coach, Investment Consultant, and trusted Financial Advisor. She has a profound understanding of the financial challenges faced by women and is committed to assisting individuals in overcoming obstacles and reaching their financial objectives.

Teri's expertise is rooted in her diverse background, which includes serving customers in the banking sector, advising clients as a registered Investment Advisor, and consulting with financial institutions nationwide. Her extensive knowledge enables her to deliver personalized solutions tailored to each client's specific financial requirements.

What distinguishes Teri is her own personal journey with money, which enables her to empathize with women from all walks of life. Having overcome obstacles like credit card debt, student loans, divorce, layoffs, retirement setbacks, and long-distance moves, she understands the stigma and shame associated with financial difficulties. This ignited her desire to empower women to find financial peace and regain control of their financial well-being.

As a dedicated Financial Coach, Teri specializes in supporting women who may feel overwhelmed, frustrated, or lacking confidence in their financial abilities. By establishing a safe and supportive environment, she helps clients alter their financial behaviors, alleviate stress, and seize command of their financial destiny. With Teri by your side, you'll never navigate your financial journey alone.

Get in touch with Teri, your dependable Financial Coach, Investment Consultant, and Financial Advisor, to embark on your path to financial independence today.

Lead Capture

Teri aimed to offer valuable advice to potential clients, motivating them to consider their financial future while also generating important client leads. Pursuing your dreams may seem overwhelming without a defined vision. Yet, by setting SMART goals, you empower yourself to shape your financial destiny. Through five straightforward steps, you open the door to boundless opportunities for achievement

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Wedding Reel

Experience the magic of our Video Production and Editing showcase! Each frame is a work of art, capturing moments of joy and love. Our carefully curated reel transforms raw footage into a cinematic masterpiece, immortalizing special days. Enjoy seamless transitions, perfect timing, and the beautiful blend of visuals and music. Come and witness our expertise in creating enchanting videos..

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